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I have embroidered since I was 5 years old when a teacher discovered that needle and thread kept me quiet and good.  Aunts gave me encouragement and I loved to rise to a challenge!  Local Agricultural shows provided the challenge and especially the Royal Lancashire Show where you really had to do something special.  Family intervened but many presents were made during this period.

From 1985 to 1988 we lived in Munich and whilst there I did my embroidery C & G by correspondence with Stitch Design.  It made me very self-reliant as the research and sourcing of materials was a challenge.  However some of my work was chosen for an exhibition in The Commonwealth Institute,  London, in 1988.  Although I now do mostly Art Quilts I still like to embellish my work.

About ten years ago I joined Sheila Acton’s patchwork group at Woburn, and it rekindled my passion for fabric and thread.

A few years later I plucked up courage to exhibit at The Festival of Quilts and in 2009 I was awarded a ‘Highly Commended’ in the Quilters' Guild Challenge.   I have also exhibited at Quilts in the Garden, Chilford, Uttoxeter. England  and with Contemporary Expressions in Zaragoza and Sitges (Spain) and in Holland.  

Recently I studied City & Guilds - Design with the Computer,  with Linda Kemshall, which I successfully completed.

At the 2011 Uttoxeter show I gained a first and third place and in 2012 I co-ordinated the Footloose and Fancy Free Exhibition at the Northampton Shoe Museum.

In 2012 I was on the committee for the Bletchley Park exhibition with responsibility for the Open Class.   Two of my pieces were exhibited at the Festival of Quilts, one in the German Stash Challenge and one in GB’s EQA exhibit.